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Dzmitry Kharytonau (Dmitry Kharitonov)

Junior Researcher at General & Inorganic Chemistry Department, PhD Student at department of Chemistry, Technology of Electrochemical Production and Electronic Engineering Materials

Academic Degree: Master of Engineering

Work place: Office 343-4, Sverdlova 13a st, 220006 Minsk, Belarus

e-mail: Kharitonov@belstu.by

CV (En)

In 2014 I have graduated from BSTU with Bachelor degree in Technology of Printing Production. In 2015 completed the full Master degree course in the program «Technology of Electrochemical processes and Corrosion Control» with the degree of Master of Engineering. Works for General and Inorganic Chemistry Dept. since 2014.

Research interests: Synthesis, physic-chemical and corrosion properties of inorganic Vanadium-based pigments; Corrosion protection of Al alloys.

Scientific papers: 34 papers in peer-reviewed journals and conference materials Publication list

Participation in scientific organizations: Since 2015 - ( The Electrochemical Society)

Research Profiles

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