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ZDANOVICH Nina Ivanovna — senior lecturer, Department of Tourism and Nature Management.

E-mail: ninazdan59@belstu.by

Address: Ulyanovskaya Str., 33, room 121;

tel.:(+375 17) 226-05-03

Born on January 1st,1959, in Slonim, Grodno oblast. Belarusian. Graduated with honors from the Belarusian State University (1981), finished graduate study at the Institute of History of NAS of Belarus.

Research interests and areas:

  • material culture of Belarus of the XIV-XVIII centuries. Published a monograph “Belarusian glazed ceramics of the XIV-XVIII centuries” (co-authored), “Tiles production in Belarus (based on the materials of Polotsk tiles)”, 2 monographs and over 40 articles, devoted to ceramics of separate Belarusian towns and castles;
  • traditional culture of Belarus (material and spiritual), its preservation and adaptation to modern realities and its use in the educational process. The main provisions are covered in the article “Resource potential of the traditional culture of Belarus”.
  • monuments of Belarusian culture and their inclusion in the excursion and tourist activities. 2 study guides are devoted to the topic, “Artwork and its analysis method (architecture, painting, sculpture)” (co-authored) and “Technology and organization of tour services”.
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